Another accolade for DC’s Bistro ’67

Durham College’s (DC) teaching-inspired restaurant, Bistro ’67, has been honoured with a Feast On™ designation in recognition of its support for local food producers. Sponsored by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, Feast On is a criteria-based program to promote restaurants and other businesses that showcase Ontario’s unique, locally produced food and beverages.

To receive a Feast On designation, a restaurant must demonstrate that products grown and made in Ontario make up at least 25 per cent of its annual food and beverage receipts. The program supports Ontario farmers and food providers by encouraging restaurants to buy from local suppliers, which in turn benefits local economies. Feast On member restaurants purchased more than $14 million worth of Ontario food and beverages in 2015 while educating consumers about the importance of sustainability in the food and beverage sector.

“The Feast On program is a perfect complement to Bistro ‘67’s commitment to the field-to-fork concept, which emphasizes the purchase of locally grown fruit and vegetables, as well as locally sourced meat and other products,” said Kevin Baker, dean, Centre for Food (CFF). “We’re proud to not only support our local suppliers but to join them as well, as much of the produce we use at Bistro ’67 comes from the CFF gardens, which are tended by Durham College’s Horticulture – Food and Farming students.”

The field-to-fork concept is based on the harvesting, storing, processing, packaging, sale and consumption of local food for local consumers. Named for the year that DC opened, Bistro’67 seats up to 70 guests and offers a variety of seasonal dishes designed to satisfy any palate, including the recently launched Summer Fresh Wednesdays series, which features produce from the CFF gardens. Meals are prepared and served by the college’s skilled staff and students, who create flavourful dishes inspired by local ingredients from across Durham Region.

The designation follows the college’s recent announcement that the CFF, including Bistro ’67, has been upgraded to a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® by the Green Restaurant Association, a non-profit that guides restaurants on becoming more environmentally sustainable through its Dine Green program. The 3 Star certification recognizes the college’s commitment to environmental sustainability in food and beverage preparation and presentation, and covers a total of nine areas at the facility.

To learn more about Feast On™ please visit the program’s website. For more information on Bistro ’67 and the CFF, please visit and