DC on the Frontlines – share your story with the community

Durham College (DC) is incredibly proud of our college community members who are serving and protecting others in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and well beyond every day. This includes our students, present and past employees who have returned to the frontlines, as well as thousands of DC alumni.

To honour and shine a light on the incredible work being done by our DC community members, the college is launching a new initiative: DC on the Frontlines.

Whatever your role – from first responder or nurse to personal support worker or social services worker, early childhood educator to volunteer and so many more – we invite you to step forward and be counted among those who comprise DC’s frontline workers.

Using your submissions, we will fill a DC on the Frontlines web page with your stories to build an online gallery of goodwill, community, expertise and dedication.

There is perhaps no greater test of one’s learning and training than the challenge of working in the midst of a large-scale emergency such as a pandemic.

Submit your frontline story and help DC continue to celebrate the important work that you do.