DC’s Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning launches seven new programs

To meet the demands of multiple rapidly-growing sectors, including artificial intelligence and construction management, Durham College’s (DC) Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning has launched four micro-credential and three certificate programs for the fall 2020 term.

These new offerings include:

  • Artificial Intelligence Privacy and Compliance – micro-credential
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has and will continue to impact all industry sectors globally, from small businesses to multi-national corporations. This short, three-course program is designed for managers and leaders within all industries, exploring AI essentials, data privacy and compliance.
  • Coding Essentials – certificate
    The Coding Essentials program equips students with the fundamental skills needed to enter and succeed in careers in the Canadian knowledge economy. This program provides sought-after skills in computer programming and web app development, augmented with perspectives on project management to support the learner’s ability to work successfully in a team environment.
  • Construction Management – certificate
    This certificate program provides practical training in the commercial construction management field. The program emphasizes two key areas of construction management: the interpretation and understanding of commercial project documents (working drawings, specifications, soils reports, contracts, etc.), and the preparation of estimates and construction schedules. By developing these foundational skills in the construction management field, students will gain the knowledge to begin assisting or managing the construction process, from initial planning to project completion. Some courses are Gold Seal Accredited by the Canadian Construction Association.
  • Construction Jobsite Readiness – recognition of achievement
    Consisting of two micro-credentials, this program was developed in consultation with industry experts and is geared to youth who have an interest in working in the construction and trades industry. Graduates who complete both micro-credentials will hold a Jobsite Readiness Recognition of Achievement, preparing them for entry-level jobs in the construction industry where demand is high and earning potential is exponential. Successful graduates of this program may also explore opportunities to pursue further development in the trades or other related areas.
  • Medical Terminology – micro-credential
    This short, three-course program is designed for those who already have an administrative background and want to build entry-level medical language skills to communicate effectively within healthcare settings. There is a focus on medical terminology and terms related to common medical conditions, diagnostic tests, anatomy and physiology, and pharmacology.
  • Veterinary Office Assistant – certificate
    Veterinary office assistants are professionals who contribute to the effectiveness of a veterinary office environment in fundamental ways. This includes liaising with clients, overseeing efficient office communications, scheduling, equipment maintenance, and contributing to special projects. A foundational knowledge of veterinary terminology and procedures unique to this exciting industry will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to be a valuable asset in a veterinary office. Students who complete this certificate may choose to continue their studies by completing the Veterinary Office Assistant Specialization micro-credential.
  • Veterinary Office Assistant Specialization – micro-credential
    This short, four-course program is designed for those who already have a veterinary office administrative background or who have completed the Veterinary Office Assistant certificate program and want to build on their knowledge and skills within the context of a veterinary office. There is a focus on medical terminology and basic procedures related to common surgical and lab procedures, as well as pharmacology.

For more information or to register for one of these new, dynamic program offerings, please visit www.durhamcollege.ca/ppl.