Durham College launches Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning

The School of Continuing Education at Durham College (DC) is now the Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning (PPL). With extraordinary customer service at its core, PPL will deliver quality part-time programs and courses to individuals who are looking for professional development opportunities, as well as to students seeking credit towards a post-secondary credential. 

“The world of learning is changing, especially when it comes to continuing education,” said Dr. Elaine Popp, vice president, Academic, at DC. “Today’s professionals understand that staying competitive in their field requires a commitment to continual upskilling and development. Durham College understands that these professionals require flexible learning that meets their needs. This is why we are so excited to introduce the Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning as the next step in the evolution of lifelong learning at DC.”

The market-driven programming is focused primarily on the areas of health, technology, business, education and training, languages, and specialized trades. Offering more than 1,000 courses and 75 programs across a broad range of disciplines, PPL will continue to leverage the wealth of experience provided by DC faculty and provide students with flexible learning opportunities via in-class, online and hybrid delivery.

 “Industry and learner needs are shifting rapidly and the transformation of Continuing Education into PPL will ensure that the college is able to maintain its reputation as a leader in lifelong learning,” said dean Debbie Johnston. “We are committed to meeting, anticipating and adapting to the needs of learners both today and going forward.”

PPL offices remain in the location of the former School of Continuing Education at the Oshawa campus in Room A160, Gordon Willey building (near the main entrance to the B Wing).

The PPL launch includes a new website and coincides with the opening of registration for the 2020 winter semester.