Durham College Paramedic program recognized by Canadian Forces

A first-year Durham College Paramedic class practices its training. The college’s Paramedic program was recently recognized by the Canadian Forces.

March 15, 2011

Durham College’s Paramedic program was recently recognized by the Canadian Forces (CF), giving graduates advanced standing as CF medical technicians in addition to other benefits including salary eligibility and support to offset tuition and materials through the CF Non-Commissioned Member – Subsidized Education Plan (NCM SEP).

Medical technicians belong to the CF Medical Service and are integral members of the military health-care team, working with physicians, physician assistants and nurses to treat the sick and injured in all kinds of CF operations and units.

As a CF medical technician, individuals perform duties such as providing initial care for ill and injured patients and basic life support treatments for trauma situations; providing medical support during environmental operations; recovering casualties from the point of injury and transporting them to medical facilities by wheeled or tracked ambulances or by air; initiating, maintaining and distributing medical records, documents, reports and returns; maintaining, replenishing and accounting for general and medical supplies and more.

The NCM SEP subsidizes tuition for students who are accepted to approved CF post-secondary institutions for up to three years. In addition, students currently in CF-approved programs can also apply to have their remaining tuition subsidized.

“Recognition and accreditation of our Paramedic program by CF is important to both students and the college,” said Ralph Hofmann, program co-ordinator “For our students it means the opportunity for employment and tuition support as well as confidence that our program is one of the few that meets or exceeds the high standards set out by the Canadian military, both provincially and nationally.”

Durham College’s Paramedic program is a two-year Ontario college diploma program that includes classroom and laboratory activities; the teaching of essential communication skills; intensive clinical and field placement components; and physical and emotional wellness training. In addition to being recognized by CF, it was also accredited by the Canadian Medical Association in 2005, making Durham College the first college in Ontario to receive this status.

“This accreditation means further validation of Durham College’s commitment to student success,” added Hofmann.

For more information on Durham College’s Paramedic program, please visit the program page here and for more information CR including career and education opportunities, please visit www.forces.ca.