Durham College vice-president, Academic, kicks off academic year with faculty and staff

Pictured from left to right are Judy Robinson, vice-president, Academic ; Al Fournier, professor (back); John Draper, alumnus and founder of Together We Rock!; and Don Lovisa, college president.

September 8, 2010

The 2010-2011 academic year at Durham College started off with a game on August 31 as Judy Robinson, vice-president, Academic (VPA), hosted her annual VPA kick off event in the gymnasium of the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre.

Joined by President Don Lovisa, who provided an update on the college’s construction projects, finances and commitment to living its mission, vision, values and goals, Robinson started the event with an update from her office on the college’s academic vision.

Attendees then played the well-received game of Durham College 20 Questions, which was hosted by Mary Blanchard, the new associate vice-president, Academic, Academic Planning and current dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies & Employment Services, and saw the more than 200 faculty, administrative and support staff members in attendance test their knowledge about what’s been happening at Durham College over the course of the last year.

Following the game was the presentation of a new video showcasing some of the college’s key offerings and then guests heard from Durham College Alumnus John Draper, founder of the Together We Rock! leadership program, who delivered his presentation, The Key to Success is Believing You Can Make a Difference.

Attendees were then given a virtual tour of the new Student Services building hosted by Robinson and Ralph Aprile, associate vice-president, Facilities and Ancillary Services.