Environmental Commissioner of Ontario gives keynote address at DC

On November 18, Durham College (DC) and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) hosted Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), for a keynote address focusing on the recently released annual report Managing New Challenges (2013/14).

Miller, brought to campus by the joint DC/UOIT Sustainability Committee, spoke to an audience of staff, faculty and students about the annual report, which looks at emerging environmental challenges. Subjects such as bees and neonicotinoids, sustainable farming and logging in Algonquin Park were all discussed. Following his address Miller answered questions from those in attendance.

“Durham College and UOIT held an informative session that featured the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario,” said Brennan Amofah, Environmental Technology student with DC Green Team. “The ECO provided students of both campuses with information about what he does and who he answers to at Queens Park. The session wrapped with a Q & A and was a great event.”

Engaging questions were asked by those in attendance covering issues such as the commissioner’s predictions about fracking in Ontario, the recent emissions reduction announcement from the United States and China and his thoughts on development in the Oak Ridges Moraine.

Gord Miller was first sworn in as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario on January 31, 2000, to oversee the continued implementation of the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). He has now been re-appointed for his third term. As an independent officer appointed by the Legislative Assembly, Commissioner Miller oversees 13 ministries and monitors and reports annually on government compliance with a number of environmental issues include the provisions of the Environmental Bill of Rights and government progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.