FastStartDC and Ownr are helping students incorporate their businesses quickly, simply and affordably

FastStartDC is pleased to be collaborating with Ownr to bring student entrepreneurs amazing support and great discounts on the cost of business registration and incorporation in 2020.

Business registration is often a pain point for our FastStartDC students, particularly for those unfamiliar with the required government forms. Registration can be an intimidating, not-so-sexy process and if business incorporation is in a student’s plan, it becomes even more complicated and certainly more expensive.

Thanks to Ownr, registering a business is now simple, quick and affordable for DC student entrepreneurs, allowing them to register their business in a few easy steps and for a fraction of what they would pay a lawyer. A more streamlined registration process means students can relax about this part of their start-up journey and focus their energy on building their business.

Through this new partnership, students who are officially participating in the FastStartDC program will receive a promo code for a $60 discount off Ownr’s business registration and incorporation services.

Visit the partner page.

FastStartDC is proud to have a strong network of partners who are leaders in the entrepreneurial arena to support the success of our student entrepreneurs.