DC grad hosts and produces TV show for people living with a disability

Being a role model for children with disabilities wasn’t Scott Bremner’s goal when he started his career, but it’s something he is proud of and hopes to continue to be.

Bremner, a Journalism – Print and Broadcast alumnus is host and community producer of DurAbility, a television show that endeavours to improve the lives of people with disabilities by helping them navigate the challenges and opportunities they face every day.

“I got a call from a parent who thanked me for what I was doing because now she can tell her son with a disability to go out and follow his dreams,” Bremner said.

In addition to his TV show, Bremner is also a motivational speaker sharing his personal experiences and the obstacles he has overcome to connect with his audience.

“I talk a lot about bullying, the different types you encounter when you have a disability,” said Bremner. “And about finding the drive in yourself to keep going and the steps you need to take to benefit yourself.”

Bremner credits his professors at Durham College for helping him get to where he is today and he appreciates the lessons he learned in the Journalism program that have helped him to become a good professional.

“The instructors taught me the type of person you need to be to do this work,” said Bremner. “And they taught me you can still be a good person while asking those tough questions.”

Bremner plans to continue to be an advocate and role model for people with disabilities and to contribute positively to the people he comes in contact with.

“It’s great that I’ve been able to do this on my own while still helping my community,” he said. “Attending Durham College helped me a lot.”