DC Grad Tops List of Most Beautiful Outdoor Pianos

Katriona Dean, a Durham College (DC) School of Media, Art & Design grad, shared her talent with the Town of Cobourg so others could share theirs. Dean painted two pianos that were placed in parks around town; one designed as a great horned owl, eyes fixed on you as you play, while the other was styled after a fox, with large ears and lovingly nicknamed Foxgang Amadeus after the famous classical pianist, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

“Studying Graphic Design at DC really helped me tap into my creative potential and has opened a world of opportunities for me as a designer/artist,” Dean said. “I worked diligently as a design student to break down my own creative barriers, which in doing so has provided me with endless creative freedom.”

The two pianos are ranked first and third on Bored Panda’s list “Most Beautiful Outdoor Pianos You Can Play All Around the World” with Foxgang Amadeus sitting comfortably in first place.

“Knowing that the pianos would reside in a park setting I wanted to bring to life the Canadian aspect just as much as the natural aspect,” Dean explained. “The great–horned owl and the red fox are both representative of the beautiful Canadian wildlife that can be seen in parks right across the country.”

She says she was drawn to the idea of using a connection between music and art to help bridge gaps between strangers in the park who might stop to listen or play.

“It was important to me that the artwork draw passersby to really want to engage with the installation; I didn’t want anyone to feel that they could simply walk by without at least tapping a key or two,” Dean explained. “These artistic projects are organized with the sole purpose of inviting strangers to walk up to an instrument in the street to share their love of music. Absolutely anyone and everyone is invited to express themselves in some way, shape or form through this installation.”

The most important aspect of Dean’s art, according to her, is uniting people and making a difference. She tries to focus her art towards those goals, she says it’s the only time she feels a piece is truly complete.

Check out the piano in this short video.