DC home to Canada’s first LinkedIn Learning Student Club

Durham College (DC) is home to Canada’s first-ever LinkedIn Learning Student Club. Founded in January 2020, the club is part of the LinkedIn Learning Championship Program.  

The goal of the club, which currently consists of nine students, is to enhance the real-world skills of its members through participation in hands-on projects and collaboration with different departments at DC, while also generating awareness of the LinkedIn Learning online tool.

During weekly meetings, time is spent brainstorming ideas for future workshops and collaborations, as well as discussing challenges, in addition to project work.

As the only LinkedIn Learning Club in Canada, the DC students captured the attention of Jennifer Catallo, senior customer success manager and the leader for LinkedIn Learning Solutions. She met with the founding students during the LinkedIn Learning Championship Orientation and attended their monthly status meeting on February 21.

A formal team structure for the club’s operations is being developed and once in place additional members will be accepted. In the interim, anyone who is interested in joining can sit in on the meetings, which are held every Friday at 3 p.m. in Room A315 at the college’s Oshawa campus.