DC plants its roots at Whitby Garden Tour

Durham College (DC) launched a unique partnership with the Whitby In Bloom (WIB) Committee for this year’s Garden Tour, which was held on July 16.

DC students from the Horticulture Technician and Horticulture – Food and Farming programs and faculty and Master Gardeners from the college’s Science & Engineering Technology Program Advisory Committee participated in the event, which gave the public the opportunity to tour many spectacular gardens in both Whitby and Brooklin.

The Garden Tour featured the Centre for Food’s (CFF) planting fields and greenhouse as one of 10 touring sites. At the CFF, participants explored the pollinator garden where students learn to identify types of plants, the hoop house which is used for fall and winter gardening, and the 200-tree orchard featuring five different types of apple trees.

“Our students and employees really enjoyed being part of the Whitby In Bloom event because it gave them a chance to meet with members of the local community and to explain the unique facilities we have at the Centre for Food,” said Susan Todd, dean of the School and Science & Engineering Technology. “We know that thousands of people pass by our Whitby campus every week and may often have been tempted in the past to stop by and learn more about the Centre for Food and our programs. This event was a great opportunity to let them learn what we’re all about.”​

In lieu of admission fees, committee members asked attendees to donate non-perishable food items for local food banks to drop-off boxes provided at each tour location. In addition to tours, WIB offered free garden seminars by industry professionals at Brooklin United Church in Brooklin. These included:

  • Mark Cullen, gardening guru and television star, who spoke about the ever-changing methods of gardening
  • Paul Zammit, Nancy Eaten director of Horticulture at Toronto Botanical Garden, who discussed gardening in small spaces
  • Vicki Taylor-Scott, expert garden designer, who explored the endless possibilities of container gardening

DC is proud to showcase the college’s sustainable living initiatives through programs promoting environmental responsibility, such as WIB, and would like to thank all those who volunteered and participated.