DC salutes frontline workers on First Responders Day

On this First Responders Day in Ontario, Durham College (DC) recognizes the ways in which this year’s observance carries unique significance in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The DC community salutes and thanks those who are dedicated to serving and protecting others in an emergency and well beyond every day. This includes the employees and students who returned to the frontline during this pandemic, present and past faculty and employees, and thousands of alumni.

While our gratitude to first responders remains unwavering year-round, First Responders Day offers us a special moment to reflect on and honour the contributions of police officers, firefighters, military personnel, dispatchers, paramedics, nurses, doctors, emergency medical technicians, emergency managers and medical evacuation pilots.

DC also recognizes the vital need to acknowledge and extend appreciation to the many other professionals who suddenly find themselves taking personal risk and making sacrifices similar to those that have long been the domain of first responders.

Thank you to the workers who are providing skills, support and expertise in the areas of mental health and addictions, developmental service, personal support and social services; skilled trades; security and corrections; and healthcare office administration, to name but a few.

There is perhaps no greater test of one’s learning and training than the challenge of working in the midst of a large-scale emergency such as a pandemic.

In addition to our deep appreciation, DC employees take great pride in continuing to help prepare and support our first responders and frontline workers at all stages of their careers.