Durham College students carve their way to victory

Two Durham College (DC) students recently took advantage of the record cold temperatures when they won the Winterloo Student Ice Carving Competition in Waterloo, Ont. on February 15. Marisa Latin, a second-year Culinary Management student, and Michael Stowell-Smith, a first-year student in the Hospitality Management – Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism program, teamed up to represent DC at the first annual event.

“We were invited to be one of three colleges (along with Conestoga and Fleming College) to participate in this event,” said Dave Hawey, professor and program co-ordinator of DC’s culinary programs. “Participating in events like this gives our students the opportunity to network as well as represent DC in an extra-curricular activity.”

The competition required students to create an ice carving from a 300-pound block of ice with basic carving tools. The carving was to be based on the competitions theme of Hearts and Dogs and was to be completed within a four-hour time limit. Carvings were then judged based on their relevance to the contest’s theme, overall impression and defined finish.

Faculty members from DC’s culinary and hospitality programs were also on hand to act as mentors for the students in the competition, assisting with larger cuts necessary in creating the sculpture. Stowell-Smith and Latin completed a beautiful swan carving that impressed the judges and pushed their effort ahead of their competitors, winning the inaugural event.

Hawey went on to mention the value for students participating in events such as Winterloo.

“Students gain the opportunity to learn a new skill which is great for their personal and professional portfolios and the support from the rest of the students and faculty showcased the tremendous pride found at DC and the Centre for Food,” said Hawey.