FastStart Star Story: Ohh Products

Imagine having to choose between having what everyone else is eating and drinking and facing the health consequences, or having nothing at all to choose from. This is a common reality for people with dietary restrictions who are limited in the treats, beverages and food options available to them.

Brittany Charlton, Paralegal student and graduate of the Law Clerk Advanced program at Durham College, grew up dealing with the restrictions of being lactose intolerant. Now as an adult, she has channeled her inner entrepreneur and placed her focus on providing healthy products for those with dietary restrictions. Charlton’s company, Ohh Products, creates food that tastes great and is made with 100 per cent natural, lactose free ingredients.

In October 2016, she launched her first line of flavoured cocoas. With only 25 calories per 6 oz. mug, three natural ingredients, no added sugar, dairy or gluten, Ohh Products Cocoa is a healthy treat that can be personalized to your pallet.

Brittany credits the FastStart DC team with helping her throughout the business journey.

“From developing the logo, to choosing brand colours, designing packaging, and figuring out the correct market for my product, the FastStart DC team provided insight and guidance every step of the way,” said Charlton.

Brittany stands by three sayings that have inspired her over the years: it’s not about hard work, it’s about working hard; talk is cheap, execution is what sets you apart; and if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is the only way to know if you can do it, is to get out there and do it.  Network with people, watch success stories and do something you are passionate about. It will keep you going, especially when it gets difficult.

Charlton’s products are currently being sold at health food stores across Canada, and she was recently featured in two subscription box packages, ElleBox and the Foodie Pages Tasting Box.

Congratulations, Brittany!