Social Service Worker program grad saves a life with classroom knowledge

Twenty-seven-year-old Durham College (DC) graduate Ryan Doyle has acted so courageously that he was honoured with the City of Oshawa Heroism Award on Monday, June 8, at Oshawa City Hall.

Ryan, who graduated in 2010 from DC’s Social Service Worker program, saved his mother’s life this past March after she went into cardiac arrest at home and was showing no vital signs. Calling on the CPR training he received as part of the program, along with a background of volunteering with COPE Mental Health Services, he was able to resuscitate his mother and keep her awake before paramedics arrived.

“Ryan’s story is an amazing one,” said Dr. Judeline Innocent, dean, School of Health & Community Services. “CPR training is a key element in many of our health and community-focused programs for this very reason. You never know when you might need to call on those skills but we want to make sure our students are prepared should they be required. Ryan took all the appropriate steps which resulted in a life being saved.”

By working incredibly hard, Ryan overcame learning disabilities, autism and depression to earn his diploma as a social service worker. The entire college community is incredibly proud of his act of heroism.