DC and Precise ParkLink share results of partnership and case study

Durham College (DC) and Precise ParkLink are thrilled to share the results of their long-term collaborative partnership through their online Artificial Intelligence Kiosk Case Study.

With a working relationship that began in 2015 when the college selected Precise ParkLink as its parking management services provider, this partnership has evolved beyond parking, as Precise ParkLink helps facilitate student learning as an industry partner for DC’s Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ORSIE).

DC’s applied research program, facilitated by ORSIE, solves industry and social challenges through innovation and collaboration. By engaging industry, faculty, students, and the community-at-large in research projects that address the needs of a technology-driven knowledge economy, ORSIE brings together multiple stakeholders and groups interested in mutually-beneficial solutions, leveraging the talent, facilities, and capabilities of the college and broader community to advance economic prosperity within Durham Region.

“One of the reasons organizations enjoy working with Precise ParkLink is because we offer the latest technology innovations available in the marketplace,” says Maria Lato, marketing manager for Precise ParkLink. “Being an ORSIE industry partner allows Precise ParkLink to tackle its large-scale research and development wish list faster.”

“Durham College and Precise ParkLink have engaged in five different applied research projects,” says Debbie McKee Demczyk, dean of ORSIE. “Each one of them involves DC students working closely with Precise ParkLink staff to address real-world challenges and create a solution that will then be introduced into the market.”

Working on Precise ParkLink projects, ORSIE students have the opportunity to gain valuable skills, such as “a chance to enhance their learning by working with industry professionals in the field,” says Lato.

“In addition, students gain hands-on experience while enhancing their communication, team-work, accountability and problem-solving abilities. These job-ready skills prepare students for future employment, making them valuable employees,” Lato adds. “The relationship is a win-win for Precise ParkLink, DC and its students.”

Discover how ORSIE and Precise ParkLink made AI in parking a reality and learn more about the partnerships in the Research at DC: Precise ParkLink video.