DC hosts virtual engineering sessions for Durham District School Board

Durham College (DC) was pleased to partner with the Durham District School Board to support an interactive and collaborative learning experience for students at R.S. McLaughlin Collegiate & Vocational Institute (CVI) in Oshawa.

On March 31, DC’s School of Science, Engineering & Technology (SET) professors Beau James, Dimitri Stathopoulos and David Duncan hosted “Engineering: Electromagnetism” – a live-streamed event for members of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Club at R.S. McLaughlin CVI. Students were given the opportunity to create their own electromagnet, using personalized DC-branded kits delivered to them prior to the event. The session concluded with a discussion around electromagnetism applications by innovative autonomous vehicle companies, such as Tesla – a newsworthy topic that captured the interest of many participants.

“Given the impact COVID-19 has had on schools throughout our community, this initiative provided an opportunity to foster important relationships with students interested in STEM-related programs, and promote the benefits of collaborative education,” says Dr. Rebecca Milburn, executive dean. “The college is thrilled to play a role in inspiring the next generation of learners and offer a glimpse into the exciting field of electromagnetism at a time when students are planning their academic futures.”

This is not the first time DC has supported the Science department at R.S McLaughlin CVI. In November 2020, David and Dimitri filmed labs for two of teacher Nadia Baby’s classes when students switched to virtual learning and were unable to access the high school’s labs. For Grade 11 Chemistry, David and Dimitri demonstrated the method of Titration to calculate the concentration of antacid in a TUMS tablet. In Nadia’s Biology class, the professors led a lab on the “Spread of a Virus,” using the indicator phenolphthalein, and asked the students to create a plan to trace the person originating the virus – a timely topic the students enjoyed relating to their own studies.

“Partnering with Durham College has allowed me to provide an enriching experience for my students after a year of change and uncertainty,” says Nadia Baby, Grade 11 and 12 science teacher, R.S. McLaughlin CVI. “I’m grateful for the impact this has had on my classes and look forward to working with Durham College again in the future.”