DC offers robust suite of services to help organizations take their business to the next level

If you think Durham College (DC) is just for students – think again! From seasoned professionals with decades of experience to newer offerings based on the latest industry trends, DC Solutions for Business brings together experts from across the college to offer a range of results-driven services to help businesses reach their goals.

DC Solutions for Business is a network of service area professionals who work seamlessly with clients to provide innovative support, customized solutions, expertise and training that align with the specific needs of each individual client. This can include, but is not limited to, talent acquisition, skills training and upgrading, research and development, funding procurement, hosting student placements and charitable giving.

“Working with DC Solutions for Business offers business owners and employers an excellent opportunity to assess their operations and talent pool to ensure company resources align with an overall vision or goal,” said Tara Koski, director, Career Development and Co-operative Education, DC. “Opportunities for growth are available for any organization willing to explore, and our experts can provide customized, innovative solutions to identify and address challenges.”

DC Solutions for Business offers a range of services from which organizations can choose, either singularly or in a combination that will best suit their needs, provided by the following service areas:

  • Career Development and Co-operative Education.
  • Community Employment Services.
  • Corporate Training Services.
  • Event and catering services.
  • Office of Development and Alumni Affairs.
  • Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

“No matter their size, stage or specialization, businesses need direct access to trusted advisors and service providers,” said Koski. “They also need the support of an adaptive team that can provide the expertise and training needed to emerge at the forefront of today’s rapidly changing market.”

From research and development services and prototyping new technologies to customized training and building an employee dream team, DC Solutions for Business can meet business owners and employers where they are and help them evolve to where they want to be tomorrow.

To learn more, please visit www.durhamcollege.ca/solutions.