Durham College to offer two new innovative tech-focused programs

Durham College (DC) has received consent from the Ministry of Colleges and Universities to offer two new technology-focused programs beginning in September 2022 – the one-year Internet of Things graduate certificate and two-year Web Development diploma program.

Offered by the School of Science & Engineering Technology and School of Media, Art & Design, respectively, these programs will lay the groundwork for graduates to enter two innovative fields with in-demand skills while providing them with unique experiential learning opportunities.

“Durham College is thrilled to offer students two new opportunities to gain the valuable skills necessary to make a positive impact in these growing technology sectors,” says Dr. Elaine Popp, executive vice president, Academic. “With demand for graduates with specialized tech knowledge on the rise, the addition of the Internet of Things and Web Development programs will help address the industry call to close the skills gap, leading the way to an innovative and exciting future for our graduates.”

The new Internet of Things (IoT) program will prepare students to participate specifically in the IoT, Industrial IoT (IIoT) and IoT Vision fields as they gain the knowledge and skills needed to address backend, frontend and embedded software design and implementation for smart cities, home automation, wearable tech and more. Students will also explore security and surveillance cameras attached to IoT devices, their technologies, architectures, resources, data management, strategies, and privacy issues.

Employment opportunities for graduates of this program are on the rise and the IoT sector currently employs skilled programmers, developers and technicians working in a range of occupations and industries, such as health care, community infrastructure, traffic routing, private and public transportation, industrial robotics, mining and gaming.

Building on the fundamentals of interactive media design, the Web Development program will prepare students for an exciting career designing, coding websites and web apps to create a seamless user experience. Students will have access to the latest software and web technologies in studios built specifically for interaction and web development. Unlike other programs of its kind, students will approach interactive elements through a creative lens, developing the graphic and technical skills to become highly competent designers who can deliver dynamic, cross-media content. With the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to design and develop web content for all digital platforms, graduates will be familiar with the latest trends and techniques when entering the workforce.

Both programs offer opportunities for hands-on learning, including a capstone project in the IoT program, or a capstone or field placement in the Web Development program.

Learn more about these exciting new programs at DC’s in-person Open House on Saturday, April 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or by visiting durhamcollege.ca.