ASC Test/Mid-Term Guidelines

Depending on the circumstances, students may choose to write a test/exam either in class or in the Test centre. In order to write a test or exam in the Test Centre, students must book an appointment.

Faculty are required to follow the steps below to support students using the Test Centre:

Once you have received the automatic confirmation email of a booking for a student’s test (7 days in advance):

  1. Complete a test invigilation form, received via email, and attach the form to the student’s test.
  2. Complete the invigilation form in full – this information will be used by the invigilator to administer the test.
  3. Deliver the test to the Oshawa Test Centre office (B291C) or the Whitby Test Centre office (Room 181) three business days in advance of the test. Pickering Learning Site (PLS) Faculty deliver test package to PLS Receptionist.
  4. Submit an electronic copy of the test to the Oshawa Test Centre email address, or to the Whitby Test Centre email, to ensure that the student’s accommodation requirements are met.
  5. Tests must be picked up the day after it is completed.

Faculty are strongly encouraged to visit student(s) during the test/exam in the Oshawa Test Centre Room (B216M) or Whitby Test Centre Room (181) or PK203A,B or C at the Pickering Learning Site (if applicable) to address any questions/concerns that may arise. 

For missed class tests – please refer to policies and procedures on ICE.