Missed Tests

At the discretion of the faculty member, students have the opportunity to write a missed class test in the Test Centre during an open or missed test session, pending seat availability. Seats are available on a first come, first served basis.

Step One


  1. It is the professor’s responsibility to identify which students are eligible to write a missed test following a class test.
  2. Faculty members complete one electronic form for each class test. All students eligible to write the missed test are indicated on the form with a deadline for completion. Full details for invigilation of this test is included on the form.
  3. Faculty will access the link to the MS Form from ICE.
  4. You must be logged into your Durham College MS 365 account to have access to this form.
  5. The form can be found by clicking Resources, forms, and scrolling to the second page.  Click the word “owner” next to test centre.
  6. The test must be attached when submitted unless the test is hosted via DC Connect. Passwords are strongly encouraged for DC Connect tests.

Step Two


  1. Students should first confirm with their teacher about their eligibility and deadlines to complete the missed test attempt.
  2. Timelines for submitting requests: requests must be submitted no less than 3 business days prior to the available session.
  3. Tests are not booked until student and faculty receive a confirmation email to their Durham College email.
  4. Durham College students who fail to attend the Test Centre without prior notice are subject to a $10 No-Show fee, which will be applied to the student’s account.
  5. Missed Tests can only be rescheduled with permission by their professor. A rescheduling fee of $25 would be required to be paid by the student if permitted to change the date once confirmed booked.

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Next Steps

  1. When a student missed test request is received the office staff will verify against the form submitted by the faculty for eligibility.
  2. If the student is listed as eligible and the date is within the parameters set by the faculty and TC availability, the office will book the student.
  3. The office will send a confirmation email to both the student and faculty.
  4. Once booked, all TC policies, fees and processes are in effect.

Important Notes

Student ID is required. Original, hard-copy Government photo ID will be accepted.

Student is required to know their DC Connect log in information if the test is online.

Laptops (for DC Connect tests) are required and must be fully charged. Power may not be accessible.

Only water in a clear bottle (no labels) is permitted in the Test Centre (TC)


Please contact testcentre@durhamcollege.ca or whitbytestcentre@durhamcollege.ca prior to form submission.