Future-Focused: DC Launching Strategic Planning Process

Durham College (DC) is kicking off a strategic planning process to develop its next Strategic Plan, which will launch in spring 2025.

For the past five years, DC’s work has been guided by its current Strategic Plan, which focused our commitment to serve our students, employees and communities. Now, as the plan concludes next March, preparations to develop DC’s next Strategic Plan are underway.

This planning process is an opportunity to shape the future of DC and is a collaborative effort requiring input from students, employees, alumni, donors and community partners.

“Together, we will consider how student and industry needs have changed, how we as an organization have evolved and how the landscape of higher education has shifted,” said Dr. Elaine Popp, DC President. “The result will be a roadmap for tangible goals and objectives that will inform decision-making and resource allocation and will guide our efforts leading DC to even greater heights.”

A number of teams will be involved in bringing the new Strategic Plan to fruition. The Strategic Plan Steering Committee, consisting of Executive Leadership Team members, will ultimately oversee the project. A Strategic Plan Working Group with broad cross-college representation will lead the planning process, including facilitating consultation activities. They will work closely with two other groups: an external partner – The Potential Group – who will provide guidance on strategic planning methodology, as well as a Strategic Plan Resource Team who will provide institutional support.

This work will take place over the next several months and include four phases:

  • Phase 1 (July to September) – scoping, planning and setting initial direction, including a comprehensive environmental scan.
  • Phase 2 (October to December) – engaging our community and gathering insights through focused consultations, interviews and surveys.
  • Phase 3 (January to March) – refining the feedback through interactive, small-group sessions with key contributors, including students, employees, alumni, donors and community partners. 
  • Phase 4 (April to May) – developing the final Strategic Plan, which will be launched at our all-employee event in May.

      More information will be shared in the coming months, including the plan for upcoming consultations and the opportunities for key contributors to share their voices in this process.

      “This is a pivotal time for Durham College as we set the direction for our future,” said Dr. Popp. “I am excited to collaborate with our DC community as we move forward in building a sustainable, future-proof, equity-driven, people-focused and community-connected college.”