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Electronic Student Permit Checking (ESPC)

Students in the programs listed below will be required to upload required medical and non-medical documents in order to complete the Electronic Student Permit Checking (ESPC) process with Verified by Synergy Gateway.  Please review your program ESPC Information Package below.

In some instances due to the field placement host requirements, students in other programs may be required to complete the ESPC process with Verified by Synergy Gateway.  In such cases, details will be provided to the students by the Field Placement Officer.

Access to Verified by Synergy Gateway

Verified by Synergy Gateway is available through a secure username and password.
Login instructions are emailed to your school email account (DC Mail) after you have completed your course registrations.  We strongly encourage to collect your document requirements in advance, so you are ready to upload the documents to your profile once you receive your login credentials.

You will receive an email with your login credentials within 48 hours of completing your course registration.  To go to the Verified website click:

Verified Fees

There are costs associated with ESPC, immunizations, lab tests and certifications.  Be sure to keep all of your receipts for income tax purposes.

  • To avoid booking and paying for multiple appointments throughout the year we strongly suggest you gather all of your requirements at one time so that they might be valid for multiple placements if possible.


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Electronic Student Permit Checking (ESPC)


ESPC Follow up Appointment (if you are missing documents)


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