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Durham College is proud to present the DoorDash #BlackFoodEnergy Culinary Scholarship to self-identifying Black students enrolled in the Culinary Management program beginning January 2024.

The scholarship is valued at $20,000 ($10,000 for each year of the program), designed to support a student who is passionate about the food industry and help support their goals to advance in the culinary field.

This scholarship is an extension of the DoorDash #Blackfoodenergy program that supports, amplifies and celebrates Black Chefs and Black-owned/led restaurants across Canada.


  • September 22 – Applications Open
  • November 6 – Applications Close
  • November 9 to 14 – Interviews
  • November 20 – Successful recipient is contacted

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

International and domestic students are eligible to apply if they meet the following criteria:

  • Are a new student enrolled in the two-year Culinary Management diploma program for January 2024.
  • Self-identify as Black.
  • Demonstrate a passion for their program and/or expresses an entrepreneurial spirit and sense of leadership in their program.
  • Have restaurant/food industry experience.

Thank you for your interest, applications have now closed. For questions or concerns please contact