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The W. Galen Weston Centre for Food (Weston Centre) follows the field-to-fork concept, which is based on the harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, sale and consumption of food – in particular the production of local food for local consumers. Durham College has adopted this concept and applied it to a diverse range of programs that crossover traditional academic schools with the curriculum, faculty expertise and equipment required to implement field to fork built into several of the college’s programs.

This incredible learning centre features Bistro ’67, a full-service teaching restaurant and lounge, and Pantry, a unique retail food store offering a delicious assortment of foods prepared by students.

Accommodating students studying in culinary, hospitality, event management, tourism, agricultural and horticultural programs, the Weston Centre features state-of-the-art labs and facilities including:

    • Culinary, Baking and Product Development labs
    • Food and beverage pairing lab
    • Classrooms, meeting and event spaces
    • A culinary demonstration lecture theatre
    • Centre for Craft Brewing Innovation (CCBI)
    • A hydroponic vertical farm in a recycled shipping container that grows up to 700 heads of lettuce a week
    • Two greenhouses & hoop house
    • Post-Harvest processing facility
    • Aquaponics, grow walls and microgreen production
    • Pollinator garden
    • Apiary
    • Orchard and food forest
    • Arboretum of native and ornamental trees.
    • Summer farmers market and community supported agriculture (CSA) program
    • Summer 2023- Therapy garden designed and installed by students
    • Summer 2023- Weston Centre for Organic Regeneration launching an on-site composting facility with a biodigester for processing food lab and field waste- “Field to Fork to Field”
    • Summer 2023- The Barrett Centre of Innovation in Sustainable Urban Agriculture, a model of best practices in urban agriculture. (Ajax, Ontario)

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