Technical support

There are a number of shared resources available to students enrolled in the Faculty of Media, Art & Design. To assist students with these resources, we employ four full-time support staff who are available to help students with Macintosh desktop issues, colour printing and equipment sign-out.

Our technical support staff are:

  • Conner Pulis – Software/Server Specialist
  • Keir Broadfoot – Technical Support Specialist
  • Oliver Fernandez – Photo Technologist
  • Megan Pickell – Student Support Technician

Our support staff have their permanent office in C225 but are also available in Room L120. Technical assistance is generally available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Colour Printing – Room L120

Colour printing is available during hours posted on the door to L120. The procedure for obtaining colour prints is as follows:

  • Colour prints can be purchased (minimum quantity of 5) from Room L120 using a credit or debit card only (cash will not be accepted in Room L120).
  • Once payment has been made the student must present the payment receipt in Room L120 where the number of prints purchased will be recorded in a database.
  • Files to be printed can be sent to the colour printer from any computer on the network. Once a file has been sent to the printer, the student must visit L120 and present their student card to release the print. Each print will update the database to keep track of the number of remaining prints.
  • Additional prints can be purchased from Accounting as required. Please note that Accounting normally closes at 4:30 PM.

The colour printer is a Xerox Docucolor 240/250 laser printer and is controlled by a Splash RPX-ii RIP (Rasterizing Image Processor) which includes genuine Adobe Postscript®, Level 3. Together they are known as the “Splash Colour Printer” or “the Splash” for short. The Splash supports letter and tabloid sizes – paper is supplied. 12 x 18-inch card stock is also available for the price of two prints per sheet. Please see our support staff in Room L120 for further details.

Equipment Sign-Out – Room L120

An equipment sign-out service is provided to support student assignments. To borrow equipment, students sign an annual agreement will present their student ID card in L120, which is scanned along with the piece of equipment being borrowed.

Equipment available for sign-out includes:

  • Digital still cameras
  • Digital video cameras
  • Digital graphic tablets
  • Flashes
  • Lenses
  • Tripods

For a complete list of available equipment and loan periods, please visit Room L120.

Due Dates

Because this equipment is a resource that must be shared by students in multiple programs and classes, reasonable deadlines for equipment return have been established. Each student must sign an agreement to abide by these deadlines and to be financially responsible for equipment while it is in their possession. Failure to return equipment by the due date and time will result in suspension of borrowing privileges and/or colour printing privileges. Overdue fees may also be imposed. For details on current policy, please visit Room L120.

Sign-out procedure

Schedules showing equipment sign-out times are posted outside Room L120. Students will be asked to present their student card to borrow equipment. Equipment cannot be signed out without a student card. To have a missing student card replaced, please visit Student Services.

Returning equipment

Equipment must be returned to Room L120 during normal hours of operation. When this Room is closed it may be possible, at the option of available staff, to return equipment to the support staff in Room C225. Lost or damaged equipment should be immediately reported. If equipment cannot be returned by its due date please e-mail

Desktop lab information

Macintosh desktop lab update

Our support staff are responsible for set up, operation and maintenance of Macintosh desktop labs in Rooms L101, L108, L127 and B111. We are currently running Apple’s OS X operating system. Our goal in selecting which version of the operating system and applications we install is to ensure maximum stability and functionality. We may or may not be using what is considered the most current version in each case. If you have questions about specific software versions, please see our support staff.

Lab access

Students are granted reasonable access to the desktop labs. Please be courteous to other lab users. Students who desire access to a lab when a class is in progress must seek approval from the professor in the lab. Students who are permitted guest access must respect the wishes of the professor. Lab access policies also apply in the evening when the Continuous Learning department has scheduled classes. Specific hours and policies for access are subject to change. Please check with your professor, the technical staff in Room L120 and look for details posted in the labs.

Desktop login procedure

Students should use their student ID and network password to log in to our desktop systems. This also applies to laptop computers. It is the student’s responsibility to alter, and occasionally change, his or her account password in order to protect data. This will avoid the potential loss or theft of work stored on the college network.

Access issues are handled by the Help Desk in the Learning Commons, Room SW100 of the Gordon Willey building, across the hall from Accounting.

Data backup

Students are responsible for their own data and backups. Complete details about the college’s information systems policies can be found in the student handbook. If your data is worth creating, it is worth having a backup copy. Students are encouraged to use their individual student folders on the H drive to store files temporarily. Important data should be backed up to CD-R or DVD-R disk. There are machines in each lab capable of burning compact disc or DVD media. Check with our support staff or your professor for backup assistance. We are always happy to help students avoid lost hours or days of work on their portfolios.

Laptops in desktop labs

Students are discouraged from bringing laptops into desktop labs because there are no ports available for their connection to the network. Please do not disconnect any cables from the desktop systems in order to use a laptop. Room L126, L123, L220, L208, the Learning Commons and various common areas are available for laptop users. Students who need assistance transferring data from a laptop to a desktop or vice versa should seek assistance from our support staff.

Food and drink policy

Every year, computers and keyboards are damaged by spills and food. In addition, food odours may disturb other lab users. Therefore, no food or drink is permitted in the Macintosh desktop labs. Please treat the labs and other lab users with respect by eating or drinking in common areas such as the cafeteria.

USB data sticks and other peripherals

Please note that there have been some problems with external hard drives and USB storage “data sticks” and similar devices resulting in the loss of important data. Limited support is provided for these devices. Be sure you know how to disconnect such devices without causing data corruption. Please ensure you take all of your belongings with you when you leave the Mac labs. If you have questions or concerns, please see our support staff.

Audio suite

Students enrolled in Media, Art & Design programs have access to an audio suite used for creating voiceovers and editing sound. The audio suite is located under the C-Wing lecture hall in Room C113A. Students need to follow the booking procedure using the schedule posted on the door.

Our door is open

Our support staff are here to help. Please feel free to approach us with your questions and concerns. We’re here to ensure your success.