Be amazing at DC

Congratulations! We’re excited that you’ve chosen to bring your amazing-ness to DC.

It's time to celebrate and get ready for your college experience, but first go to and confirm your offer.

Accept Your Offer Now
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The start of your something amazing!

Here's what you need to do to make it official:

Step 1:
Go to before the deadline dates specified on our offer of admission to accept.
Step 2:
Watch your email for important information regarding tuition deposits, deadlines and services available to you.
Step 3:
Pay your fees online by visiting or drop by the campus to pay them in person.
Step 4:
Once your fees have been paid, you will be able to select your timetable.
Step 5:
If your offer is conditional, submit final marks/transcripts/required documents by the deadline.
Step 6:
You can officially say, "I am ready to be amazing at DC!"

Success Matters

Are you ready for:
Over 3 million dollars available in student bursaries and scholarships
Free housekeeping for students who live in residence.
Over 70 active student clubs
A DC student ID card doubles as a bus pass
A varsity athletics program that's won 210 provincial and 22 national medals
Over 150 part-time student jobs on campus
Over 450 educational pathways to university degrees
DC is one of Canada's top 50 research colleges as named by Research Inofsource Inc.
Bistro 67 is a full service, student-run restaurant
Pantry, a unique retail store featuring student-created food
All first-year students are guaranteed a spot in residence