Q&A with 2021 MusiCounts Accelerate Scholarship recipient and MBM grad, Andrea Buchkovich

Category: Alumni Success Stories

Andrea Buchkovich is a Durham College (DC) Music Business Management (MBM) alumna and repertoire analyst at Re:Sound, a music licensing company in Toronto, Ont. She’s also an aspiring event planner and marketing professional with a passion for the bustling live entertainment scenes that make up the Canadian music industry.

Last fall, she was recognized as one of seven aspiring Canadian music professionals to receive the prestigious 2021 MusiCounts Accelerate Scholarship, which included a $5,000 scholarship and an intensive mentorship and networking experience.

MusiCounts is Canada’s music education charity associated with The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and The JUNO Awards. The scholarship, which is supported by RBC and Indspire, is awarded to students who show great potential, are serious about building a career in music, and who will benefit the most from participating in the mentorship program.

We interviewed Andrea earlier this month about her experience in the MBM program and winning this scholarship. Check out the Q&A below.

Q: Tell us a bit about your Durham College journey.

A: My DC journey began in September 2018 when I started the Music Business Management program. In the first four semesters, the program’s student-run initiatives allowed me to gain hands-on experience in project management, event planning, artist management, and social media representation. In the last year, I completed a field placement at Warner Music Canada as a Marketing Intern. I completed the three-year program in April 2021.

Q: What’s happened in your career since graduation?

A: Since May 2021, I’ve been working full-time at Re:Sound Music Licensing as a repertoire analyst. The MBM program equipped me with all the resources I needed to secure this position. Our instructors are active members of the music industry and have strong relationships with several music business organizations. Not only were my instructors incredibly accessible and passionate, working with students until we understood the course material in-depth, but they were also informative about post-graduation employment opportunities.

The program’s alumni have also been extremely friendly and encouraging to graduates and current students, and DC’s Career Development Office assisted me in securing my current position by providing resume and cover letter editing sessions!

Outside of this role, I’ve also been working part-time as an event staff member at Live Nation Canada venues. My practical, hands-on education at DC helped me gain a comprehensive understanding of the ins-and-outs of concerts, which included courses in Event Planning and Management; Event Workshop; Venue Management; and Concert Promotion.

Q: Congrats on receiving the MusiCounts scholarship! How does it feel to be recognized?

A: It feels incredible. I am honoured to be one of seven aspiring Canadian music industry professionals to be recognized with this scholarship, and to be representing Durham College. MusiCounts is an organization I’ve looked up to for a few years now. They are pivotal in supporting music education across Canada.

Q: How do you hope this scholarship will impact your career?

A: The scholarship will have a huge impact on my career. MusiCounts is a recognized and well-respected organization in the Canadian music industry. To have received their support early on in my career is a great honour and accomplishment.

Learning directly from key players in the Canadian music industry, through the scholarship’s mentorship program, was an exceptional opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation and learn directly from professionals. The scholarship also provides me with the financial support I need to put on my own concerts independently.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I plan to continue gaining hands-on experience in this industry. As soon as it’s safe to do so, I hope to explore more of the event planning world and put on my own concerts.

This program has provided me with such a comprehensive overview of the music industry that I’ve graduated with several other interests I want to continue exploring, including music marketing, grant writing, fundraising and working with record labels.

Q: How do you feel that the MBM program and DC have prepared you for your career?

A: Before I started this program in 2018 I knew very little about the music business and didn’t fully realize that working in the music industry was a possible career path. DC taught me everything I know about the industry, provided me with hands-on learning experiences, and it was my gateway to securing a fantastic placement opportunity and full-time career.

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