A year in review: DC’s top 10 must-read blogs

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From inspiring student stories to practical tips to help you thrive at Durham College (DC), this year we’ve shared everything you need to know about student life, our campus community, and the difference some of our students and alumni are making in the world. So, grab a hot chocolate and curl up while you enjoy these most popular blog posts of 2023!


Two generations, one classroom: A mother and son’s unique journey to DC

DC runs in the family. Read this inspirational story of a mother and son who study Practical Nursing together.


Prepare for these five in-demand careers at DC!

The job market is always changing and a number of industries are experiencing rapid growth. Find your perfect program at DC and step into the vacancies that employers are desperate to fill.

Honouring her son through education: Danita Algar’s inspirational journey to DC

Earlier this year, Danita Algar crossed the stage at convocation after completing DC’s Carpentry – Building Construction Technician program in honour of her late son, Ben.

How you can build career connections as a DC student

 As a DC student, networking opportunities are all around you. No matter what program you’re in, read about some of the ways you can get out into the world and meet the people who are leading the way in your chosen field.

Four ways to help finance your DC education

The cost of a post-secondary education should not be a barrier to you achieving your future goals. Learn four ways you can help pay for your tuition and start investing in your future.

Kristen Gainforth answers the call for those in need

Meet Kristen, an alumna of DC’s 9-1-1 Emergency and Call Centre Communications program who secured a job in her field before she even graduated!

Boost your employability with a Durham College degree

Check out these degrees at DC that put your in-class knowledge into practice through a field placement – making sure you gain real-world experience and hands-on training.

Returning to school to pursue her passion: How Zoe Straw is turning her love for video games into a career in Virtual Reality development

It’s never too late to change career paths. Read how Zoe decided to turn her passion for video games into a career.

“Backbones of recovery” – How one international student is turning his experience into a rewarding nursing career

Darshan Patel has always been inspired by the medical field, but it wasn’t until he experienced a family member’s illness that he knew it would become his career.

Cybersecurity student transforms co-op placement into full-time job

For DC’s Cybersecurity student Melanie Gimoto, hands-on learning opportunities led directly to landing a job in her field after graduation.

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