Ready to change your career? Explore Professional and Part-Time Learning at DC

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It’s never too late to change your career, whether you want to upgrade your skills or enter a new field. At Durham College (DC) we offer a wide range of Professional and Part-Time Learning (PPL) options to help you earn the credentials you’ll need.

There are a number of reasons why PPL may be right for you. We know how busy life can be, and our part-time learning options allow for maximum scheduling flexibility. Most of our courses are offered online, and they welcome new students every month. And unlike a full-time program, you can pay for your studies one course at a time. At DC, you can study when you want, how you want.

Our selection of over 70 programs and 1,000 courses may seem daunting at first, but all you need to know is the credential you hope to earn. Whether you’re looking for a diploma, a graduate certificate or something else, our website will help you find it with ease.

If you’re in the business world, for example, and want to make a change, we have a number of diploma programs that can prepare you for a shift in your career. Are you great with numbers? There could be a future in Accounting for you. If you want to be your own boss, our Entrepreneurship program may be right for you. If you want to help others navigate their careers, Human Resources is a great option.

If you want to focus more on learning or refining a particular skill set, one of our many certificate programs could be ideal. If you’re interested in Bookkeeping, Business Fundamentals, Leadership Development or another subject that can take your career to the next level, we have what you need.

Whatever subject you’re interested in, you should be sure to peruse the ‘program of study’ document that goes with it. Available on each program website, this document breaks down the courses that must be completed to receive your credential, as well as a suggested order of enrolment.

You can learn more about our PPL options online.