From Backpack to Briefcase – DC supports student and alumni success

Durham College (DC) has launched an exciting new initiative to further help students and alumni make smooth transitions from college to the workplace and succeed throughout their careers.

The Backpack to Briefcase (b2B) initiative, which is offered in partnership with DC’s Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, Career Development and the Office of Student Diversity, Inclusion and Transitions, provides students and new alumni with access to insight, skills and networks in addition to the expertise they gain in their academic programs.

DC’s b2B events include opportunities to:

  • Connect with employers
  • Learn how to build a comprehensive, relevant and appropriate social media presence
  • Gain valuable leadership skills

These are just a few examples of the non-academic components that are essential to achieving success as a young professional. 

The initiative also supports DC’s Co-curricular Recognition program, which acknowledges students’ participation in campus activities that complement their resumes, portfolios, academic transcripts and more. Students will receive one leadership point for attending four or more of the b2B events offered throughout the academic year. 

“This is a very positive initiative that will better enable DC to support our students from their first day with us, when they enter the workforce, and throughout their careers,” said Don Lovisa, president, Durham College. “The b2B program is another example of DC’s commitment to ensuring that the student experience comes first.”

In addition, students and alumni who attend select b2B events will be eligible to win a $100 door prize. To learn more about b2B and register for coming events, including those with door prizes, please visit