Transport Minister, Whitby MP visit Durham College

Employees and students of the Durham College (DC) dental clinic welcomed a pair of special guests on Friday, March 31.

Minister of Transport, the Honourable Omar Alghabra and Member of Parliament for Whitby, Ryan Turnbull, were on hand to discuss the 2023 federal budget and its investments in a healthy future for Canadians. The clinic was a fitting stop for the Members of Parliament, as the budget includes the new Canadian Dental Care Plan, which aims to provide dental coverage for up to nine million Canadians by 2025.

During their visit, they met with faculty members and students from DC’s Dental Hygiene program, and pointed out that the new plan will have a significant, positive impact on their future careers. The more people who can afford dental care, the busier dentists and dental technicians will be.

“It’s great news for students who are entering this industry. I know that you will make Canadians smile better in the next few years,” said Minister Alghabra.

Dr. Elaine Popp, DC’s executive vice president, Academic, was there to welcome the pair and credit them for the federal government’s ongoing support of post-secondary institutions, applied research and for their investments in Canadian’s dental health and well-being.

“As important as training and innovation is, so too is access to public healthcare,” said Popp. “With the historic investments in health, the federal budget released this year is increasing access to dental care for Canadians who need it.”

Students in DC’s dental program have been leading the way in providing low-cost preventative dental care since 1976. In addition, the dental clinic operates year-round, providing accessible care to the community while also supporting students with experiential learning opportunities under the direct supervision of dental professionals.

That’s just one of the reasons why Turnbull has such a high opinion of DC.

“What makes DC so special is that it puts student success at the forefront of everything it does. DC is always thinking about students’ futures and creating more opportunities for students to grow and be successful.”

The Minister of Transport shared Turnbull’s appreciation.

“World-class institutions like DC are at the forefront of providing exceptional graduates who are ready to take on jobs that the world needs.”