HOM Drafting & Design offers rewarding opportunities for DC architecture students

Durham College (DC) architecture students experienced a unique opportunity to apply their skills as a result of the college’s new partnership with HOM Drafting and Design (HOM). Through their recent Architecture Placement Initiative competition, HOM challenged students from DC’s Architectural Technology program to design an accessory apartment (a secondary unit), within an existing basement structure, and produce a set of architectural drawings. DC’s Sara Sargent, Hayden Lam and Gregory Stewart – all third-year students of the program – were selected as competition winners, earning a monetary prize and the opportunity to complete a placement at HOM.

“As a distinguished member of the design community, HOM’s partnership provides DC students with vital hands-on experience in the industry. This placement initiative is a great pathway to connect our students with industry experts and recognize future employment opportunities available upon graduating,” said Michelle Hutt, executive dean, School of Science & Engineering Technology (SET).

This marks the first year DC has partnered with HOM, adding to the college’s diverse roster of valued community affiliations. Locally owned and operated for 13 years, HOM’s community ties and service offerings, from concept to design to construction, provide students exposure to a variety of areas within architectural design. HOM’s team was so impressed with the work of DC students, they decided to extend additional placement opportunities, one of which resulted in a full-time employment, demonstrating the calibre of the program’s graduates.

“This initiative challenges students to apply the architectural methods learned in the classroom in a real-life scenario. The competitive element and field placement opportunity act as the perfect incentives to fuel creativity and participation,” said Ali Taileb, professor, SET. “As an instructor, it is incredibly rewarding to see our students thrive in the field, and I am very proud of the contributions they have made at HOM.”

Focused on sustainable design, DC’s architecture programs provide the practical and design knowledge required to succeed in this exciting field. Partnering with HOM allows the college to continue exploring opportunities for students to gain relevant experience in the industry.