PSW and CFF Collaboration

Durham College (DC) Personal Support Worker (PSW) students kicked off the new year by learning skills that go beyond the classroom. In a new collaboration with DC’s Centre for Food (CFF), PSW students were able to gain practical experience in food preparation and safety, a valuable skill within their industry.

To enhance the curriculum, program faculty worked with CFF enabling PSW students to complete a Food Safety Certificate through the Durham Region. This opportunity gives PSW students the chance to prepare a meal in class, a daily task in both community living and senior living settings as well as provide instrumental experience for their future career.

Prior to attending their session, students reviewed a video created by the faculty at the CFF, providing them with an overview of safe meal preparation procedures and standards, filmed by DC’s Media Services.

PSW students were then able to prepare a budget-friendly meal developed by the CFF. After their hard work, students were able to enjoy their meal and reflect on the experience. For some, it was their first time operating a gas stove, for others, it was their first time cutting an onion, PSW staff and students thoroughly enjoyed their experience – and their meal!