Durham College’s Food Insecurity Bursary helps 1,150 students

Thanks to generous support from Durham College (DC) employees, alumni and students, DC’s Food Insecurity Bursary helped more than a thousand students who needed extra help navigating the escalating costs of living.

This past holiday season, the bursary supported 1,150 students – a 150 per cent increase over last year.

Originally established as a holiday food drive, the Food Insecurity Bursary provides immediate assistance to students navigating unforeseen financial challenges and with rising grocery costs, the need this year was greater than ever. Funds to support the bursary are raised annually through donations and the DC portion of the annual campus Candy Cane Sale.

“The generosity of our donors is vital to our students’ success and empowers us to help meet their unexpected and urgent needs,” said Linda Flynn, Associate Vice-President, Advancement and Alumni Relations for DC.

DC employees and alumni as well as the Durham College Alumni Association (DCAA), Durham College Student Association (DCSA) and the International Education Office all worked together to raise almost $200,000, a 144 per cent increase compared to 2022.

“The DCSA is deeply committed to addressing the critical issue of food insecurity among students. We are proud to contribute $54,000 to the DC Food Insecurity Bursary to support students,” said Megan Bent, DCSA Chairperson. “This initiative aligns with our ongoing efforts at the DCSA Support Hub and reflects the compassionate leadership of our student board. We are honoured to support this vital cause, ensuring that our students receive the assistance they need to thrive in their academic and personal lives.”

“The support from the Durham College Student Association to the Food Insecurity Bursary is significant, not only in size, but in intention,” added Flynn. “It is a great demonstration of students supporting students and reaffirms the strong sense of community at DC.”