DC helps clear the smoke surrounding growing cannabis industry

On February 15, Durham College’s (DC) School of Continuing Education, along with industry leaders GrowWise Health, Ample Organics and Cannabis at Work, presented an Ontario Cannabis Industry Q&A event.

Inspired by conversations being had in DC’s new Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals course, the event discussed the status of the rapidly expanding Ontario cannabis industry; the increased demand for a skilled workforce including expectations for growth and what it will mean for job creation; the types of jobs being created; and the skills professionals will need to fill those jobs.

The event reached capacity within 48-hours of being announced, highlighting the need for more dialog and education about the cannabis industry in Ontario and across Canada. Approximately 70 participants comprising students, job seekers, investors, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, among others, took part. They were able to ask questions of the experts on areas such as what employers are looking for in prospective employees, where the industry is going and the types of regulatory issues yet to be resolved by government.  It was a great opportunity to gain insights from some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Future events will be held in March. Anyone interested in attending one of DC’s Ontario Cannabis Industry Q&A sessions is invited to put their name on the registration list by emailing barbara.knox@durhamcollege.ca. All DC students, faculty and alumni, as well as members of the public, are welcome and encouraged to attend.