Accessibility Coordinating Committee

At Durham College your success matters and the hard-working people below help make sure that our campus is as accessible as possible for students, employees and visitors.

2020-21 Accessibility Coordinating Committee members

    • Emily Chilco, Human Resources, Co-chair
    • Shelly Totino, Communications + Marketing, Co-chair
    • Callum MacKintosh, Access and Support Centre
    • Angela Werner, Student Affairs
    • Christine Gibson, Access and Support Centre
    • Robert Craik, Facilities
    • Deborah Tsagris, Faculty
    • Sarah Drexler, Faculty
    • Andrea Leskowsky-Grupp, Faculty
    • Ralph Hofmann, Associate Dean
    • Eric MacKenzie, Student
    • Katelyn Tarabocchia, Access and Support Centre
    • Kelly Hughes, Health Centre
    • Tanya Catallo, Centre for Academic and Faculty Enrichment
    • Tina Murray, Ontario Tech University

Community Members on the Accessibility Coordinating Committee

  • Erica Mittag, Town of Clarington
  • Sarah Moore, Town of Ajax