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We know that the daily demands of operating a business or organization leaves little time for research and development. Durham College’s (DC) Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ORSIE) is committed to partnering with you to find real-world solutions for business, industry and the community through applied research and knowledge-transfer activities. We will work together on projects that model or simulate solutions that lead to improvements in your business. These would involve partnering with you to co-develop and build new and innovative technologies and solutions such as the adoption of new technologies and the development and testing of prototypes. With funding support from various regional, provincial and federal agencies, students are hired to work alongside faculty researchers to assist industry and community partners to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

What is Applied Research?

Applied research starts with an idea to create or improve a product, process or service. Since colleges have a mandate to support local economic and social development, they are the ideal partner to identify needs and tests solutions. Applied research often involves product design, development and validation, process improvement and digital technology adoption with our industry and community partners involved at every step. As the dedicated applied research department at DC, ORSIE has access to specialized research equipment, the college’s shops and labs, as well as faculty expertise to provide multidisciplinary results.

Start a project with us!

  1. Have an idea
  2. Fill out a collaboration form
  3. Come and talk to us
  4. We’ll evaluate your idea
  5. We’ll submit an application for funding
  6. Once funded, start the project
  7. Finalize the project so you can advance towards commercialization