Applied research

Practical Solutions For Real-World Problems

The Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ORSIE) is Durham College’s research and innovation hub. We provide research and development solutions through funding opportunities, faculty expertise, state-of-the-art research facilities, and student learning experiences. In partnership with industry and community agencies, we conduct projects that model or simulate solutions, develop and test prototypes, adopt new technologies and knowledge, and develop and evaluate new or improved products and processes.

Research projects carried out by faculty experts and students are administered by ORSIE. Students are the primary vehicle for the college’s transfer of knowledge to business and industry partners through applied research projects, work placements, and as skilled and knowledgeable graduates.

Areas of Research Specialization

Advancing Agriculture, Agri-business and Tourism

In alignment with the field-to-fork concept at the Centre for Food, these research projects deal with sustainable food products and support the agri-business and tourism industry.

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Enabling Technologies of the Future

Technology is pervasive and the research in this area is broad and transformative; this includes research into communication, IT, computer science, sustainable energy solutions and digital technologies.

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Cultivating Healthy Lives and Resilient Communities

This research looks to discover the life-long betterment of individual and community health and well-being, specifically the impact of social, environmental, and economic determinants.

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Enhancing Scholarly Teaching and Learning

Researching with a scholarly perspective and a practical impact since teaching and learning is at the core of the college’s existence. The areas of inquiry explore teaching effectiveness, student learning, and the role of technology, as it continues to improve accessibility and learning capabilities for students.

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