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Faculty of Health Sciences
Room: SW106
Phone: 905.721.3080

Mojgan Rezvani, Executive Dean
Room: SW106C
Ext: 2249

Margret Campkin, Associate Dean
Room: SW106H
Ext: 2125

Gillian Dunn – Associate Dean
Room: SW106K
Ext. 2727

Aimee Karagiorgakis - Associate Dean
Room: SW106

Hamid Kalhor – Manager
Room: SW106D
Ext: 2270

Shari Kinney, Administrative Coordinator
Room: SW106I
Ext: 2375

Lisa Schultz, Administrative Coordinator
Room: SW106

TBD, Student Advisor/Placement Officer

Joycelyn Kelly, Student Advisor/Placement Officer
Room: SW106N
Ext: 2199

Hayden McIntosh, Student Advisor/Placement Officer
Room: SW106

Jessica McDaniel, Student Advisor/Placement Officer
Room: SW106G
Ext. 3066

Victoria DiNorcia, Administrative Assistant
Room: SW106
Ext: 2944

Nina Simons, Administrative Assistant
Room: SW106

Kaydee Wells, Student Advisor/Placement Officer
Room: SW106
Ext: 2059

Lori Barbara, Administrative Assistant
Room: SW106
Ext: 2542

Kim Sharpe - Student Advisor / Placement Officer
Ext. 2501

Leisa Palmer, Dental Receptionist
Room: SW107
Ext: 3074

Marie McEwan, Clinical Simulation Program Advisor
Room: SW207E
Ext: 2345

Jared Button, Nursing Lab Technologist
Room: SW206D
Ext: 2183

Rebecca Likness, Dental Lab Technologist
Room: A232A
Ext: 2764

Fabiola Longo, Program Coordinator - Year 1 - BScN
Room: SW205
Ext: 2872

Elizabeth Maga, Program Coordinator – Communicative Disorders Assistant
Room: A113
Ext: 2079

Debbie MorrisonProgram Coordinator - Practical Nursing and Practical Nursing Flex
Room: SW205
Ext: 2194

Wendy Aspin-Curran, Program Coordinator - Person Support Worker
Ext: 2871

Kim Stever, Program Coordinator - Dental Assisting
Room: A241A
Ext: 2544

Donna Pegg, Program Coordinator - Dental Office Administration
Room: A244
Ext: 2386

Jennifer Kellett, Program Coordinator – Dental Hygiene
Room: A237
Ext: 2033

Michael Williams-Bell, Program Coordinator – Fitness and Health Promotion
Room: C209B

Ext: 6533

Laura Maybury, Program Coordinator/Occupational Therapist/Physiotherapist Assistant
Room: D201
Ext: 2847

TBD, Program Coordinator – Animal Care

Carolyn Selkirk, Program Coordinator – Massage Therapy
Room: A237
Ext: 2185

Jennifer Walker - Program Coordinator - Emergency Service Fundamentals
Ext: 7381

Dale Button - Program Coordinator - Primary Care Paramedic, Advanced Paramedic
Ext. 7381

Jesse Parsons - Program Coordinator - Pre-Health
Ext. 2572

Sean Crowley - Program Coordinator
Ext. 6474

Lindsey MacIntoshProgram Coordinator - Year 1 Practical Nursing and Practical Nursing Flex
Room: SW205
Ext: 5338

Stacey Oberg
Health Sciences Technologist
Ext. 6420
CFCE 423 

Ciara Williams
Paramedic Lab Technologist
Ext. 2095