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At Durham College (DC), we offer a wide range of programs designed to prepare you with the skills and industry-specific knowledge that today's employers are looking for.

With more than 114,500 alumni, we have a proven track record of providing quality education and a reputation for producing graduates who are well-prepared for the workforce.

Read on to learn about some of our most in-demand programs. Whether you’re just starting your post-secondary education or need a new credential to really stand out in your job search, you can visit us online and find your perfect fit today!

  • General Arts and Science – Liberal Arts (Ontario Tech University Transfer)

    Are you passionate about exploring the complexities of human behavior? DC offers an enriching eight-month program designed to empower students with essential critical thinking skills while helping them transition into post-secondary education.

    Students in the General Arts and Science - Liberal Arts (Ontario Tech Transfer) program at DC will explore various facets of Liberal Arts, including criminology, community development, and communication while preparing them to transfer into Year Two of Ontario Tech University’s Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Criminology and Justice, Legal Studies, Liberal Studies, Community Development and Policy Studies, Psychology or Communication and Digital Media Studies.

    This foundational program not only aids in discovering individual interests but helps students familiarize themselves with post-secondary life, workload, expectations and surroundings.

  • Environmental Technology Advanced Diploma

    Feeling the call to help protect our precious planet, but unsure where to begin your journey? Look no further than DC, where we are paving the way for environmental warriors like you to thrive.

    In this rapidly growing field, graduates will play a significant role in creating a brighter future for the planet. With comprehensive training in sustainability, risk assessment, and analytical testing, you will be empowered to drive positive change and shape a greener, more sustainable world.

    Students enrolled in the Environmental Technology Advanced Diploma program will have the invaluable opportunity to apply for the co-op option right from their first academic semester. Upon qualification, students will get to embark on two four-month, paid work terms, accumulating a total of 840 hours of hands-on experience.

  • Advertising - Digital Media Management (Graduate Certificate)

    Digital media influences the way we communicate, work, play and shop. The Advertising – Digital Media Management graduate certificate is designed for those with a curiosity and passion for all things digital media.

    Students will learn how digital applications and platforms shape a brand’s identity and establish meaningful connections with consumers. From devising compelling digital plans to crafting content that sparks engagement, you'll be at the forefront of shaping tomorrow's digital landscape.

    Gain firsthand insight into how AI is revolutionizing the future of digital marketing, equipping yourself with skills that'll keep you ahead of the curve. The skills can help you land a role as a digital strategist or planner, digital content manager, brand or community ambassador, or social media manager, where you shape how brands and communities are seen online. You’ll also hone your skills in navigating the digital world, creating content, making connections, and reaching wider audiences.

  • Supply Chain Management – Global (Graduate Certificate)

    Considered the backbone of Canada's economy, the supply chain sector offers boundless opportunities, boasting over 800,000 skilled professionals across various occupations and industries.

    DC’s Supply Chain Management – Global graduate certificate is tailor-made for aspiring professionals with backgrounds in business administration, operations and technical fields. Delve deep into the intricate web of supply chain dynamics, mastering the art of optimizing processes, transactions, and stakeholder relations to drive organizational success. From prestigious Microsoft Office Specialist certificates to SAP-UA Student Recognition Awards, your credentials will speak volumes about your expertise and dedication. The program includes two optional work terms where students will apply their in-class knowledge in real-world settings helping them build professional networks and explore various career options.

Whatever career you have in mind, Durham College offers tailor-made programs that will prepare you to meet the demands of the workforce. Find the one for you and apply today!