Student Access Guarantee

The Student Access Guarantee (SAG) does not require repayment. Students are assessed for SAG when they apply for OSAP. It has been determined that you are eligible for SAG in the amount disbursed to your school account. You do not need to accept the award it has been accepted on your behalf, the method of disbursement noted in your MyDC self service of Account Receivable (AR) means the amount posts as a credit to your school account.

Credit balances remaining on your student account after all fees have been paid for the academic year will be refunded automatically via e-transfer in the final semester of your academic year; e-transfer notifications are sent through DCMail.

The refund process will not occur until you have registered and been assessed tuition fees for each semester of your current academic year.

Please note, changes to your program, full time status, or withdrawal may impact your eligibility for this award.