Why giving matters

At Durham College the Student Experience Comes First and YOU can help make that happen

Durham College (DC) offers more than 140 full-time programs in a variety of fields, providing students with an opportunity to excel in their chosen area. Whether DC students are inventing new ways to implement sustainable practices; writing, designing, filming, or animating; utilizing their caring nature to contribute to the health and social wellness of others; or advocating on behalf of the law – they are successful!

With your support, anything is possible. Help foster the minds of the future by supporting post-secondary education at DC. Create a lasting impression by helping students make their mark on the world. Donations are eligible for tax receipts and donor recognition is provided to honour your generous contribution. If you’re interested in contributing to the future of Durham College and our students, please contact giving@durhamcollege.ca.

Economic Impact of DC

A Durham College education not only transforms students’ lives, it has a tremendous impact on the community overall. Almost all post-secondary students who study in Ontario choose to stay in the province, and Durham College students, faculty and graduates are making significant contributions to industries across Ontario, as well as each of Durham Region’s key sectors – from advanced manufacturing to agri-business, digital technology to smart energy, film to tourism and, of course, small business.

The college enriches the lives of students by preparing them with the skills they need to find rewarding, long-term careers that raise their lifetime earning potential and help them achieve success. In turn, our students’ achievements benefit society as a whole by creating a more prosperous economy and generating a variety of savings through the improved and healthier lifestyles of our graduates.

Finally, governments at all levels also benefit through increased tax receipts and a reduced demand for government-supported social services. One of the largest benefits of a college education to society is the added wealth that it creates. Graduates earn more. Businesses are more profitable and innovative because of their access to a highly skilled workforce. Together, these higher graduate wages and increased business output stimulate income growth across the province and beyond, thereby raising prosperity and expanding the economic base for society as a whole.

Higher levels of education are also statistically correlated with a variety of lifestyle changes that generate social savings across three main categories: health, crime and income assistance. Savings are found in the health system, along with reduced demand for social assistance.

Infographic for Why giving matters.

The College Advantage

Ontario’s career-oriented college sector is one of the world’s largest, relative to population, and three times the relative size of the US college system. College graduates’ high employment rate is a primary reason:

  • Ontario’s employment rate exceeds the US rate
  • Ontario’s income distribution is more equal

Colleges are exceptionally inclusive, with a higher share of ‘under-represented’ groups than universities.

Alignment to Community Priorities

Durham College’s goals and objectives align with those of our surrounding communities. In collaboration with our community partners we are:

  • Building a high-quality and sustainable post-secondary education system
  • Providing access to priority and underserviced populations
  • Fostering community hubs – bringing together local, economic, Indigenous and global communities
  • Providing a boost for high-needs areas of the economy and youth employment rates
  • Helping to realize provincial high-school graduation goals