I wish my parents knew…

I wish my parents knew:

  • How hard it is for me to be away from home.
  • How hard it is for me to get home for a weekend.
  • How important it is for me to see my friends when I came home for a visit.
  • How much a message, phone call or care package means to me.
  • That I am going to be busy with homework and that late nights are sometimes necessary.
  • That I am going to be OK. They taught me important values and lessons, which I will use when I am faced with difficult situations.
  • That I miss them more than I let them know.
  • That I won’t always be able to earn an A and that education is never a waste. All my programs are teaching me critical thinking, writing and analytical skills that are important to any profession.
  • That if they don’t hear from me for a few days, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong but that I am busy doing my school work.
  • That my schedule is going to be scattered and inconsistent, so I can’t always be home for dinner.
  • That sometimes I just need them to listen to what I have to say and not offer their advice.