Students represent DC at Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship

Ryanna Law and Blake Dawson made Durham College (DC) proud at the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championship in Orlando, Florida.

After first excelling in their MOS exams (which are embedded into a number of DC’s Faculty of Business programs), the pair qualified for the competition with stellar showings at the MOS Canadian Championship in June.

Competitors travelled from across the globe to represent their countries at the event earlier this month. Law (Accounting – Business) put her PowerPoint 2019 skills to the test while Dawson (Marketing – Business Administration) gave it his all in Word 2019. Each student was tasked with completing an exam, as well as a project, in their respective MOS program. They were graded on the results they produced as well as their speed.

Only the top ten in each category were revealed, and though neither DC student cracked that threshold, it was still a positive experience.

“I was grateful to be there,” said Dawson, who is already looking forward to next year’s event. “It was definitely fun. The support I received was great.”

For Law, the experience of testing her knowledge and skills against other students from around the world is one she won’t soon forget, and heartily recommends.

“If you have the opportunity to go to this competition, or any other competition, definitely take it,” she said. “Being able to show your skills is so helpful in proving yourself for future career opportunities.”

After their hard work, the pair and their fellow competitors were able to enjoy some time as tourists, including a trip to Walt Disney World.

Law, Dawson and the other members of Team Canada competed under the watchful eye of Lysa Amaral, director of Brand and Global Marketing for CCI Learning, which organizes the Canadian MOS events. She was impressed with both DC students, crediting Dawson for his critical thinking, attention to detail and tenacity, while lauding Law for her thoroughness, responsiveness, professionalism and leadership.

“These skills and traits are indicative of what Durham College instills in their students,” she said.

 With programs that incorporate important technical skills like MOS programs, DC continues to lead the way in preparing students for the job market.