Computer learning commons

Oshawa campus

Located in the South Wing hallway of the Gordon Willey building, the state-of-the-art Learning Commons offers 200 computer and work stations for academic purposes. Additional amenities include:

  • Wired and wireless Internet access
  • CD burners
  • High-speed printing
  • IT support help desk
  • Laptop corrals
  • Plasma information displays
  • Private tutoring rooms
  • Scanners

Whitby campus

Located in Student Service, the Learning Commons features 25 computers and additional amenities:

  • Internet access
  • CD burners
  • Software
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Use of 25 additional computers in Room 1-1 (when there are no classes)
  • Four learner support computers available with online tutorial software
  • Help desk staff to provide technical support

Please note: Access to the Learning Commons on weekends is available by signing in with Campus Security and showing your campus ID card. Both Learning Commons are open to all Durham College students.