Applied research in cybersecurity

Applied research in cybersecurity with acute focus on technologies for cyber range deployments, threat intelligence, anomaly detection and incident management.

  • Durham College (DC) has a mandate to support local economic and social development, making us the ideal partner to identify needs and develop solutions.
  • The college’s Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship has access to specialized research equipment, labs, and faculty expertise to provide cross-disciplinary results. With funding support from various regional, provincial and federal agencies, we assist industry and community partners to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.
Micro-credentials that provide training in industry-accredited programs at various levels.
  • The college’s Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning (PPL) delivers flexible part-time programs and courses to individuals seeking professional development opportunities to advance or change their careers. In addition to working with multiple certification bodies and associations - such as the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) – on course delivery, PPL is developing stackable micro-credentials for various levels of cybersecurity education.
Cybersecurity graduate certificate program
Cybersecurity graduate certificate program that prepares aspiring cybersecurity professionals to work in the industry by providing them with the comprehensive foundation to make an immediate contribution.
Conferences and seminars

In collaboration with corporate partners and high-profile industry experts, Durham College (DC) creates public awareness through conferences and panel discussions on how cybersecurity, data management, privacy, security and regulations are impacting the threat landscape.

DC’s Tech Talks sessions host speakers from a selected industry to share their experiences and thoughts on the fast-growing field of cybersecurity. Catering to both beginners as well as experts, these sessions promote curiosity and create knowledge by exploring business trends, possibilities in the applied research solutions, potential growth opportunities, jobs, and challenges in the industry.