Six great DC programs you can start in January

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The start of a new year is a time for new challenges – and new opportunities. As the calendar turns to 2023, why not launch yourself to new heights by advancing your career or exploring new options?

Your post-secondary journey can start as early as January. Durham College (DC) offers a number of programs that begin in the new year. If you want to push your life and career in an exciting new direction, here are six programs you can apply for today.

    • Early Childhood Education
      If children are the future, then guiding them through their earliest stages is one of the most important jobs there is. Working with kids as an early childhood educator or early learning and care supervisor, you will play a critical role in ensuring a child reaches and exceeds their potential.DC’s Early Childhood Education program focuses on cognitive, social, emotional, language and physical development from birth to age 12. Graduates can apply to the College of Early Childhood Educators to become a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE).

      Who is this program best suited for?

      Individuals who love children and want to help give them the best start in life.

    • Finance – Business AdministrationHas math always come easy to you? Do you have a head for numbers and a passion for finance? If you manage your money well, why not help others do the same? Financial analysts, investment advisors and mortgage specialists all make a positive difference in the lives of people who need help managing their money. DC’s three-year Business Admin – Finance program offers all the training you’ll need to excel in these and other related careers.

      Who is this program best suited for?

      Individuals who excel in math and anyone interested in a career at a financial institution or in the financial markets.

    • Supply Chain and Operations Management – Business Administration
      Every industry needs people who excel at solving the complex problems that spring up in supply chain and operations management. Whether it’s fashion, sports or medicine, there is a demand for individuals with the skills needed to keep all facets of the business running smoothly.By applying for DC’s three-year Supply Chain and Operations Management – Business Administration program, you’ll put yourself on track for a career path that is always in demand.

      Who is this program best suited for?

      Individuals who like variety and who never want two days at their job to feel the same.

    • Paralegal
      Interacting with the legal system can often be an intimidating experience. Whatever the circumstances that land a person in court, they need help and guidance once there. As a paralegal, you’ll be ready to provide that, whether you’re representing an aggrieved tenant, an immigrant fighting for a new life in Canada, or a worker who has been injured on the job.DC’s Paralegal program is accredited by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), and completing it will make you eligible to write the LSO’s licensing examination.

      Who is this program best suited for?

      Individuals who are passionate about the law and want to ensure everyone is fairly represented.

    • Police Foundations
      Whether it is responding to calls for service, conducting investigations, patrolling your community, or helping those in need, no matter what the situation, as a police officer you can be the positive difference in your community. The modern police officer must be an expert communicator who is adept at developing and maintaining relationships with the communities they serve and protect.The skills you learn in DC’s Police Foundations program could one day serve you as a police officer, but they also have wider applications. For those, see the next program on our list.

      Who is this program best for?

      Individuals who are willing to make a positive difference in their community, in service of their fellow citizens.

    • Protection, Security and Investigation
      There’s more than one way to protect and serve. The skills that make a good police officer can also serve you well in a number of other careers. In DC’s Protection, Security and Investigation program, you’ll be introduced to a number of potential career paths. Border services, loss prevention and security are just a few of your options. You’ll learn about the Criminal Code of Canada, the justice system and its many nuances, and the psychological factors that make people behave the way they do.

      Who is this program best for?

      Individuals who care about safeguarding those around them.