Finance Business Transfer to Ontario Tech Bachelor of Commerce (FNTU)

Why and how do I apply internally to be accepted into the FNTU program?

WHY – The FNTU program includes university courses. The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) requires students to apply and meet a minimum grade requirement for admission to their courses.

HOW – An information session is planned to provide information and distribute application forms for both Durham College (DC) and UOIT. Follow the instructions on the forms and submit them to C223 by the deadline.

Can I apply for credit transfer?

If you have studied previously at DC or another recognized post-secondary institution, you may be eligible to receive credit for courses you have successfully completed. Applications for credit transfer will be reviewed in partnership with UOIT on an individual basis. Application and further information is available at

What is the grade requirement to be in the program?

We recommend that students achieve a 4.0 or “A” (85-89%) average in Semester 1ne, Year 1 DC courses. Before applying to the FNTU program for Semester 2, the requirement is the achievement of a “B+” (75-79%) or 3.5 GPA in the DC courses. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 in all DC courses and achieve a minimum “C” (60-66%) grade in each of the UOIT courses. Each institution has different grading systems; please refer to the institutional charts.

Do I have to participate in UOIT’s technology enriched learning environment and lease a laptop from UOIT?

UOIT no longer requires students in the FNTU program to lease a laptop.

Can I repeat a UOIT course if I fail it?

Yes, but only one time and you will be required to pay the full university fee to retake the course. Please contact UOIT for the policy on repeating a course, as well as for registration information such as deadlines, fee and schedule information. Get more information or email

What are the five embedded UOIT courses that students are required to take?

The embedded UOIT courses are:

  • Critical Thinking & Ethics
  • Finance I
  • Finance II
  • Macroeconomics
  • Math II

*Courses and program of studies are subject to change by DC and UOIT.

What diploma will I graduate with?

Successful students will graduate from DC with a Finance – Business diploma.

Can I major at UOIT?

Yes. As an additional opportunity, you can major in accounting at UOIT; however, in order to major in accounting you will be required to obtain the following:

  • A minimum C+ grade in each of the five embedded UOIT courses taken during the FNTU studies.
  • Additional requirements as necessary for specific DC courses.

Please note, major requirements and eligibility is at the discretion of UOIT. For additional inquiries please email,

If I complete the two-year FNTU diploma, but I don’t want to continue to UOIT, can I enter Year 3 Finance at Durham College?

Yes, but not directly. You would need to take the missing Year 2 Finance courses prior to entering Year 3. You would need to take these courses as a part-time student or through Continuing Education. It could delay a year of studies because of the outstanding courses and third year only begins in September.

Can I make schedule (timetable) changes?

Sometimes this is possible for the DC courses, but definitely not for the UOIT courses. We also prefer that you remain in the scheduled block so you are together as a cohort. This makes it easier to plan sessions for you and get important information to you in person. Be prepared for 14 weeks (the length of the semester) to be in class at DC anywhere from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and UOIT 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. throughout the week.

Being at two institutions are there any differences?

Yes, there are many. You are at two separate institutions with varying expectations, procedures and policies. You are required to adhere to both institutional policies. There can also be different break weeks and varying exam schedules (for instance, a Saturday night UOIT exam). FNTU is a unique program and some services will require more attention. If you experience a delay in service or response time, please be patient.

What Learning Management System does UOIT use?

UOIT uses Blackboard. Any of your embedded UOIT courses will not appear on DC Connect, you will need to access Blackboard for the UOIT course information.

For more information about Blackboard, for more information about Blackboard, please use this link,

Do I still use MyCampus?

Absolutely. MyCampus is for administrative records, final grades, registration, fees and important messages are posted through MyCampus. Both institutions use MyCampus as a primary system, but with different tabs.

Where, how, and when do I pay the UOIT fees?

Your account will be updated with the fees you owe through MyCampus (UOIT tab). Please check your account and ensure you have paid all course fees. You may pay these fees through a bank transfer or bank draft. Bank drafts can be submitted in person at the Software and Informatics Research Centre located at 40 Conlin Road West.

Please review additional payment and refund deadlines.

There are a variety of ways to pay your tuition fees, compulsory ancillary fees and program associated fees.

Important: it may take five business days for payment to post to your MyCampus account.

Methods of payment

View a list of payment options, methods of payment, acceptable and non-acceptable options.

What happens after Semester 2?

When your Semester 2 final grades are available from both institutions (UOIT final grades are typically posted a little after DC), they will be reviewed to determine if you can proceed into Year 2 of the FNTU program or if you will be transferred into the Finance program. You are required to have a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA and a minimum “C” grade in the UOIT course(s). If you are continuing with the FNTU program you will be invoiced, pay your fees (DC fees are paid through the college) and you will need to pay the UOIT course fees to the university directly.

What happens after Year 2?

You are required to have successfully completed all Year 1 and 2 courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and a minimum “C” in the five embedded UOIT courses to apply to enter Year 3 of the four-year (Hons) Bachelor of Commerce degree at UOIT. Admissions staff at UOIT in conjunction with DC schedule an information session (typically in March of Semester 4) to respond to questions and explain the application process for UOIT. Please attend this information session for valuable information and an opportunity to ask any questions.